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SoundOff Signal is a leading global manufacturer in warning products for emergency vehicles. The company was founded in 1992 in the city of Hudsonville, Michigan in the United States, and today, has more than 400 employees across the world. With our innovative and enhanced product portfolio and team dedicated to customer satisfaction, we can fulfill the growing needs of our European audience.

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Our Products

intentionally and beautifully engineered

Our product offering includes lightbars, sirens, secondary lights, control systems, and other electronics that add versatility to emergency vehicles.

The products at SoundOff Signal have been designed by our engineers, always keeping in mind the safety of the users and the functionality of their emergency vehicles. Our products are fabricated according to the highest quality standards and corresponding certifications.

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Our Mission

The mission of SoundOff Signal is to provide our customers with superior products and services that meet or exceed their expectations for quality and effectiveness.

Our Values
Live Excellence
Customer Service

we are committed to our...


Through the continuous improvement in on-time delivery of our quality products.


Through the continuous improvement in their standard of living.


Through our social and environmental responsibilites.

Business Partners

Through a mutually beneficial growth and business development strategy.

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